About Us

GSMDES is a Global Design &Engineering Consultancy solutions provider. We provide all kinds of Infrastructural & Industrial application engineering solutions related to Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Architectural Engineering etc. We embrace the diversity of people’s social needs, ideas, and interests, and therefore we distribute our contributions over a broad range of initiatives, including education, health, arts and culture, community development and sports and athletics. The team of professionals has the best resources and proficiency in delivering fast and accurate results that ensure value addition at every stage of work, contributing to the project’s success.


GSMDES is a global design, engineering and project management solution provider for Infrastructural & Industrial application project work. We build long-term trusted partnerships to create a world where lives are enriched through the implementation of our ideas.

Key Personnel

Our company is started by experienced engineers & advisory team in a different field having experience of 4 to 40 years in a leading Government consultancy and private sector MNC. We have diverse experience in Oil & Gas, Steel Industry, Infrastructure, Fertilizer, Chemical & Commercial projects.

Our key personnel are expert in the following:-

  • Concept structural design, Feasibility study, the Cost comparison of various structural systems, Detailed structural design, Value engineering for the Civil/Structural department based on national & international standards and good engineering practice.
  • Expertise in Design, Analysis & Detailed engineering work for Civil/Structural department based on national & international standards and good engineering practice.
  • Design of Modular Pipe rack structures, Substations, Shelters and Concept of Modularization- lifting & transportation etc.
  • Design of Blast resistant buildings as per ASCE specification.
  • Design and Engineering related to General Civil work for residential, industrial, petrochemical and steel industries.
  • Expertise in Design of commercial and industrial plumbing system & design of stormwater drainage, flexible road and concrete road pavement & AASHTO road design. Various type of underground system like CRWS, OWS, ABD & CBD etc. for design and analysis, review, coordination and field inspection of projects.
  • Evaluating architectural plans for design, feasibility, safety, and adherence to building codes and other municipal and government regulations, Surveying and assessing potential construction sites for project suitability, Overseeing construction projects, estimating costs and managing workers, Testing and analyzing construction materials for
    safety, strength, stability and determining optimal materials for architectural projects.
  • Piping Stress analysis activity for various Process & Utility piping systems, Piping connected to Pumps, Columns, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Reactor, High temp. steam piping & other stress critical piping systems.
  • Designed calculation using ASME, API, ASTM, OISD, NFPA, IS Codes & MB Lal Committee Recommendations Guideline with other relevant codes & standards as per requirement.
  • Analyzing Piping Stress System for seismic response spectrum, slug flow, wind & safety relief valve Reactive force using Caesar.
  • Design review of tanks, pressure vessels, piping system, etc. to increase productivity & reduce rejection.
  • Designed HVAC system for auxiliary buildings and undertook the following functions:
    • Formulated design criteria and selecting system parameters for HVAC System.
    • Managed detailed design of HVAC System using ASHRAE, ISHRAE, SMACNA & IS Codes including other codes and standards.
    • Monitored detailed design of HVAC System using ASHRAE, ISHRAE, SMACNA & IS standards along with other relevant codes & standards.
  • Design of electrical power distribution system based on national & international standards and good engineering practice.
  • Detailed design engineering drawing & layouts such as Single line diagram, Equipment layout, Lighting layout, Earthing & Lighting Protection layout, HVAC, Fire Fighting & Plumbing.
  • Various Electrical Design calculations such as Fault Level, Load list, Transformer Sizing, DG sizing, NER Sizing, Cable sizing, Voltage Drop, cable tray, Earth pit, panel sizing, substation, indoor-outdoor lighting, HVAC etc.
  • Technical discussion & coordination with various clients.